5 Must-Have Drinks for New Years Eve Party Celebrations

NYE in Denver is the biggest party night of the year and you don’t want your drinks for New Years Eve party night to be uninspired. It’s the one night that demands you up your cocktail game, check out our recommendations for the best NYE party drinks below.

When deciding your drinks for New Years Eve party time, you can’t go wrong with these classic cocktails and exciting craft drinks.

The NYE in Denver Must – Champagne

What’s NYE in Denver without a little bubbly? When you think of classic drinks for New Years Eve party fun you have to include the champagne. That’s why City NYE — the only party to be at for Denver New Years Eve 2017 — makes sure you have a glass in-hand as soon as you arive. Can you think of a better way to kick off NYE? This new event also features a complimentary midnight champagne toast to ring in your NYE in Denver.

Champagne is a City NYE must, but if you want a little something extra in your champagne cocktail add a few ounces of peach nectar, an ounce of peach schnapps and lemon juice and you have a delicious Bellini.

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The Classic Drinks for New Years Eve Party Fun – Martinis

For a high-class Denver New Years Eve, you can’t go wrong with the classic martini. For those people who know their way around a good gin, you pour three ounces of gin, half an ounce of dry vermouth and ice into a glass shaker. Shake well, pour your drink into a martini glass and add an olive or lemon for garnish for the classic martini. If you’re not feeling gin, you can substitute vodka instead.

Whether it’s gin or vodka, these martinis are the ultimate cool, classic drinks for New Years Eve party-goers.

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A Sweet Shot that Tastes Great – the B-52

 NYE in Denver is a night of indulgences and what’s more indulgent than alcohol that tastes like dessert in a glass? The B-52 is equal parts Bailey’s, Kahlua and Grand Marnier or amaretto. This cool looking drink is like a shot of caramel and goes down smoothly.

If you’re looking for a things to do in Colorado for New Years Eve, be sure to check out City NYE in Denver.

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Non-alcoholic NYE but Still Keeping it Fun – the Nojito

Not everyone drinks for New Years Eve party celebrations, which is why you shouldn’t feel pressured to have alcoholic drinks for NYE. If you don’t want to imbibe but still want to have the feel of a fancy NYE cocktail in your hand, try the virgin-mojito — aka, the Nojito. The cocktail still has that great mojito flavor, with the mint, lime, club soda and sweetness but without all the rum. Replace your rum with rum extract, a few extra ounces of club soda and add brown sugar according to desired sweetness and you have a fancy cocktail that tastes just as good but won’t make you hungover.

If you’re not feeling like drinking, City NYE will have a variety of non-alcoholic drinks for New Years Eve partying without all the alcohol.

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The Denver Favorite – Whiskey (with a twist)

Is it just us or is whiskey kind of a big deal in Denver? You can’t look at someone’s Tinder profile without them proclaiming their love for whiskey. It’s no different at our Denver New Years Eve Party. We love our whiskey in the Mile High city, that’s why City NYE doesn’t skimp on the good stuff. You can always take your whiskey straight over the rocks but if you’re looking to do whiskey drinks for New Years Eve party done right, you’ll want to add a little something extra.

The old fashioned is the original classic cocktail, add a teaspoon of superfine sugar, a few dashes of angostura bitters, a teaspoon of club soda, a few ounces of rye whiskey, ice and an orange twist and you have yourself a classic old fashioned.

Make this your best NYE in Denver yet, it all starts with a great cocktail and picking the ultimate place to party. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’re drinking well. Enjoy the best drinks at City NYE 2017 — Get your New Years Eve Tickets before they sell out!


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