5 Best New Years Eve Party Themes for Adults

Since New Years Eve is the biggest party night of the year, you may be looking for New Years Eve party themes for adults to make the night unforgettable. There is nothing like a themed New Years Eve party to add a little extra kick to the end of the year! If you’re looking to throw an epic New Years Eve Party, we’ve got the best New Years Eve party themes for adults listed below. Having had years of experience throwing the best New Years Eve parties in Denver, our event team is all-too-familiar with the fact that the right themed New Years Eve party can add a whole extra kick to your NYE 2017.

mascarade new years eve party themes for adults

Masquerade Party –  Meet strangers that you might already know

Nothing says sexy fun like the mystery of a masquerade party, which is why it’s one of our best picks for New Years Eve party themes for adults. Get dressed up, because a fancy mask demands a fancy dress and provide costume masks to all your guests. Or better yet, have your guests see who can make the most spectacular mask of the night. When it’s time for the midnight countdown — such as the massive countdown at our Denver New Years Eve 2017 party — everyone can unmask and see who they’ve been chatting up all night.

themed new years eve party denver

Best of 2017 – The ultimate 2017 themed New Years Eve party

What better way to celebrate the end of 2017 by celebrating 2017 itself, the good, the bad and the ugly. Have your guests come as the biggest events, headlines or moments from 2017. This year has been crazy, it’s packed with a ton of ideas for New Years Eve party themes. You could do the best memes, go political, tackle the greatest Twitter moments or take on the biggest events in pop culture. We can’t wait to see your party ideas for New Years Eve Denver 2017!

ideas for new year's eve party

Decade Party – Take on a decade packed with ideas for a New Years Eve party

Celebrate an entire year with a decade. Pick your favorite decade, whether it’s the 70s, 80s, or 90s and have your friends break out their best leggings and craziest plaids. As far as New Years Eve party themes for adults, this one rules because it allows you to revisit an ill-advised time where people thought boxers looked good over tights. Celebrate Denver’s 2010’s at City NYE — a artisan party shaped around the best things Denver has to offer for — get your tickets for new years eve today!

new years eve party themes for adults

Cocktail Bar – Be your own fancy distillery

Fancy cocktails (link to cocktail article) are a must for a great NYE party so why not go all out? Drinks for New Years Eve parties don’t have to just be champagne. Set up your own bar, with a variety of distilled alcohol and all the fancy fixings. Stock your bar with distilled liquors like whiskey, vodka and bourbon and the best mixers and don’t forget the garnishes. Print out a few signature cocktail recipes and let your guests become their own mixologists, as they try out different drinks. As far as New Years Eve party themes for adults go, this is the one your friends will drink to.

resolution denver things to do for new years eve

Epic and Audacious Night – Go bold with one of the craziest New Years Eve Party themes for adults

What better way to blow out the New Year then to make your night as outrageously fun as possible? Kick everything up a notch by trying to create your most epic night ever at our incredible Denver New Years Eve party. Get dressed up, order up a limo to fit all your friends and make your night unique. Plan a scavenger hunt bar crawl, where members have to cross crazy dares off their list or just pick a party that you know will be an epic blowout. With over $50,000 in production costs, DJs, live music and a craft bar, City NYE is going to be one of the biggest parties of the year. No other ideas for New Years Eve party themes needed.

With so many things to do in Denver on New Years Eve, you may not be sure where to start. The best New Years Eve party themes for adults are the ones that let your guests relax, have fun and break out of their usual habits. It’s the last night of the year, so whatever NYE theme you pick, just make sure you have a good time.

Looking for an epic party to attend? Be sure to check out City NYE 2017! This party’s theme is Denver Craft Culture — experience the best of everything our great city has to offer under one-roof!

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